shloka kaṇṭhapāṭhaḥ

What is Spardhā?

Welcome to Samskritam Recitation Event (saṁskṛta-kaṇṭhapāṭha) annually organized by SamskritaBharati for the last several years. Usually, this is conducted as a spardhā or a competition where participants compete by reciting shlokas from memory. We have changed the format this year, but the goal remains the same: introduce original saṁskṛtam texts to children and their parents!

Sage Vālmiki (known as ādikaviḥ or first poet) composed rāmayāṇam, the treasure house of knowledge which defines Indian culture. Rāmayāṇam consists of seven kāndas (cantos) and 500 sargas, with a total of nearly 24,000 shlokas. This year, we have selected verses from yuddhakānda of rāmayāṇam along with a few verses from saṃkṣepa-rāmāyaṇaṃ that truly depict the famous war in which good ultimately triumphs over evil.

Participants (of all ages) can learn, memorize and enjoy the recitation of these verses. They will need to submit a video recording of their chanting by April 5, 2021. Instructions on how to produce the video recording will be shared later.

Registration: Please use this link to register before Jan 31, 2021.

kanThapAThA 2021